The Race Baiting Left Wants More White Men To Commit Suicide

anti nazism anti communism

Any white person who calls for white genocide needs to lead by example, especially if there getting the Muslim world to do it for them which to me is super racist and awfully bigoted of them to do that. Which is something they accuse the right of doing but I have yet to meet a person on the right who would even suggest doing such a thing is a good idea. If they even knew what long term consequences could come after such a massacre of immense proportions where to happen.

The Backwards Version Of The Video Above With Back Masked Audio

This has me thinking that if the left wants more white men to commit suicide like the dip shit in the video above that I would love to give them the poison or the knife to stab themselves through the heart with if they think it’s such good idea that more white men are just offing themselves with no reasonable explanation. A couple of years ago I had this young kid driving his mother’s sedan from the way it looked, steelies exposed the whole nine yards. Everything about this kid looked as if he was one hundred percent anti fascist action black clothing and a shaved head that was dyed black then the punk walks past as I am having a cigarette and tells me to go kill myself. At first I never said anything and ignored his comments because I wasn’t going to start a fight with him seeing as that would accomplish nothing but a trip to the police station or the hospital.

But it might have something to do with the rising tide Islamism in the western world that left has been getting close to within the last sixteen years that has essentially turned them more radical and less humane. Which to my estimation is because of the lack of humanity and the fact that nobody seems to interested in humility anymore as viable means to correct a persons lack of humanity. Because it might hurt someones feelings or special snowflakes might get triggered if they have to be humiliated to learn humanity.

One thought on “The Race Baiting Left Wants More White Men To Commit Suicide

  1. This is just fine by me when the treasonous scum say things like this in public. More and more people start to catch on to what’s really going on then.

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