Islamists Use Everything Against Itself To Create More Misery For The Rest Of Western Society

the ourborous


Left wing Islamists and there western left wing friends use this excuse that covertly and involuntarily drugging people with psychedelics is supposed to help them find people who are by there criteria supernatural. However these morons fail at chemistry, biological, neurology, psychology and logic because psychedelics make people seems as if they are supernatural. However by the standards of psychology anyone who regards themselves as supernatural fit the criteria of mentally ill and can be diagnosed with a mental illness. So this means that the tactic that Islamists are using is to overload the health care system for one but to also work western governments against themselves which is an objective of right wing Islamists. Hence the reason why the Islamist far left is pushing to convert more western white men with diagnosed mental illnesses to be used as human shields for far right Islamist militants who are mainly racial minorities that need to be protected for the future progression of Islam into the western world. So that the cases of lone wolf militant Islam can be blamed on the “Jews” aka western white men and the bulks of racial minority Muslims can benefit from the lower birth rate of white children in the west as well. Which tells me further that there is a selection process that goes on when someone converts to Islam and if there white male then they are supposed to go fundamentalist, right wing Islamist or Salafi jihadist. Because Salafists and Wahhabis have a serious hate on for the west and white men who are seen not as allies to Muslim community but enemies of thought and actions that is considered anti Islamic. But far left Islamists and there western left counterparts will call the Islamic state terror group as not associating with Islam or has nothing to do with Islam at all. However further evidence suggests that this a scapegoat to turn the attention of the general public in the western world towards the true enemy of Islam which is western white men with a very pro western stance. Islamists and there western leftist friends have left marks on the west by putting there enemies on display particularly with the western left dominating the media with there social justice leagues in the offices of major media brands. The western left have openly called for the suicide of white men in the western world on camera and Islamists on the far left, center left, center right and far right have shown there discontent towards white men as mentioned above. That have managed to recruit gullible, submissive and vulnerable white men to become there war time servants in domestic and international threat actor groups like the Islamic State.


“Then this chubby white bearded dude comes to the store that I work a week ago to purchase smokes like a champ and was driving a white Chrysler intrepid nineteen nineties model. Has the nerve to tell me quietly that I was not supposed to get close to the Sufi order whichever order that maybe but he suggested that I was supposed to get close to the Islamic State or the Salafi movement as I know it. Then tells to me keep my mouth shut because genius obviously knows nothing about passive and active surveillance systems that monitors Internet activity.”



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