Profits and Prophets

White and Green

There are PROFITS and then there are PROPHETS from religious texts. Money is embodied CULTurally in the color green and the color green equals esoterically and exoterically to Diana the occult moon goddess and to which is identified as Allah outside of the circles of the occult or secret societies for example. This based on research that I have been doing for close to a decade now on my own independently. The worship of money is the secret worship of Diana the occult moon goddess to which is worship by the adherents of Islam as Allah outside of occult or secret societies.

Have you ever noticed the burgeoning presence of western intersectional feminists and Islamists who are political adherents to the religion of Islam who ally themselves with each other if your paying attention.

Just a little word play because obviously code words are common, in a sentence but nobody wants consciously recognize what those words can do the psychology of the human mind. Profiteering is a logical paradox of human survival, without it we would be starving and poor if we didn’t try to survive in a modern society such as ours that works from a universal monetary system. Propheteering is a emotional paradox where human survival rely’s on the worship of a higher power in order to be guided towards a certain spiritual path in life away from the darkness and into the light.

WAR Profiteering 

WAR Propheteering



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